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Solariums: Adding Sunshine to Your Log Home

Many log homeowners enjoy the beauty of nature, and what better place to enjoy it than in the stunning landscapes of Maryland?  From enjoying an overlook of the Potomac River to a phenomenal view of the Catoctin and Dans Mountain, there is no better place to enjoy the radiant scenery than from the comfort of a beautiful log home.

At Joe Pine Builders, we absolutely enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors, which is why we offer spectacular solariums for our log homes.  A solarium, also known as a sunroom, is a room built of mainly glass to allow in sunlight.  By crafting a room that is mostly glass, we can help the beauty of the outdoors flow seamlessly into your home.  With our experience in log home renovation in Maryland, we can design a solarium to fit either a new structure, or we can add it to an existing home.  Let us help you enjoy the picturesque views of your surrounding landscape all year round with our wonderful solariums!

An image of a luxury sunroom with wicker furniture, large potted plants, a light gray brick wall and a wood beam ceiling.

Adding a solarium to your log home is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature

Benefits of Adding a Solarium

We think that solariums are the perfect addition to a log home.  At Joe Pine Builders, we use high quality glass panes to ensure that our solariums are energy efficient and safe.  Here are some reasons why we love solariums:

  • They provide stunning views of landscape scenery, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors from within.
  • When built on the side of a log home with the greatest exposure to sunlight, solariums naturally warm up due to the sun’s rays.  Many factors influence the amount of sunlight that comes into your home, including: geographical position, landscape design, and elevation.  Check out What Side of the House Will Get the Most Sunlight for more information on sunlight exposure and your home.
  • More sunlight exposure means you don’t need to turn the lights on as much during the day.  By reducing your use of electricity, you can save some money on your energy bills.
  • Solariums make a great place to grow plants all season long.  Keeping plants indoors will help protect them from harsh environmental conditions and pests.
  • Spending at least 20 minutes a day in a sunlit solarium will help your body naturally produce vitamin D and improve your overall health!  The sun’s ultraviolet rays help your body synthesize Vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, cell growth, and neuromuscular processes. Without vitamin D, you wouldn’t be able to absorb calcium, which is critical for bone health and osteoporosis prevention.
  • Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter depression?  This depression often occurs during the winter months when the body is exposed to less sunlight.  Many sufferers buy artificial lights that mimic sun exposure, but these are often unattractive.  Why not increase your sunlight exposure naturally with our attractive solariums? We think sitting in a solarium during the winter is the perfect prescription to boost your mood and reduce stress!
  • Adding a solarium can help increase the resale value of your log home.  Check out WikiHow’s article: How to Evaluate a Home’s Resale Value to assess the value of your log home.
An image of the interior of a sunroom with glass walls and ceiling.

There are unlimited options for creativity when building a custom solarium.

  • Adding a solarium is a great economical choice for adding extra usable space to your home.  This is often a cheaper option than adding a garage or finishing a basement.
  • Express some creativity with your sunroom.  Some homeowners install hot tubs or Jacuzzis to turn their sunrooms into the ultimate oasis.
  • For some more creative ideas on creating a perfect solarium, check out Better Homes and Garden’s photo collection of: Sunroom Ideas: Seamless Exterior Additions.

Let us add some sunshine to your home with a custom built solarium! Whether you’re in the process of building a new log home or restoring an old gem, Joe Pine Builders can create a beautiful solarium that fits your home perfectly.  With all of these benefits, who wouldn’t want to?!

As the best log home restoration experts in Maryland, we know how to bring out the extraordinary in log homes and would be happy to help you with any custom home service! Give us a call TODAY!


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