Joe Pine Builders Inc. is a custom log home builder founded in 1972, located near beautiful Lake Anna, Virginia. We are dedicated to providing you with the quality and professional services you should expect in a log home builder.

Our specialty is building custom designed log homes. Attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship mark all of our work. We are a local dealer/builder of Appalachian Log Structures. The reason why we choose to be a Appalachian Log Structures dealer is that we have learned over the 40 years of building custom Log Homes that Appalachian offers the best quality of materials and overall value for you and your dream home.

Whether it’s a large or a small custom log home, Joe Pine Builders provides high quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Our expert staff will gladly assist you with all of your building needs. We are a start-to-finish, full service provider. We can help you with financing and we can also help you find that special lot.

We have many log home plans to choose from, or you can bring your own plans if you like. Joe Pine Builders Inc. can customize your home to suit all of your personal needs.

We also can build the regular / stick houses on the market today if you would like us to. We build HOMES, not just houses. Please contact us today to see how we can help you get your Dream Home.


Joe had a lot of questions when he first started building log homes half a century ago. Over the years we’ve taken note of the questions we get asked most often about building a custom log home or having one restored. Yours may be among them! If you have more questions, please give us a call at (540) 895-5585 or send us an e-mail at joepinebuildersinc@comcast.net. We would welcome an opportunity to answer all your curiosities and concerns about log homes.

Is it difficult to finance a log home? Historically that statement was true, however financial institutions now have a better understanding of the product and its quality. Consequently financing with a reputable bank or mortgage company is no different than financing a wood-framed structure.

People say that you cannot get insurance coverage for a log home, is this true? Much as with financing, insurance companies are much better educated, and there is no problem obtaining the necessary insurance coverage.

We are interested about the energy efficiency of a log home. What’s the typical “R” value of your log packages? Unlike regular wood framed structure, log homes are rated in “Thermal Mass” as opposed to “R” values. The “Thermal Mass effect” relates to the ability in which heat transfers through the walls of a building is delayed by the wall mass. Logs can store the heat and “reflect” it back into the room. Consequently, the demand for heating or cooling energy to maintain indoor temperature is pushed back.

What does the weather tight package comprise of? All the materials necessary to enclose (weather in the home) including but not limited to: Logs, complete roof systems, interior wall partitions, custom windows and exterior doors, log siding for gable ends & 1×9 T&G inside exposed gables and dormers, and hardware to assemble the home.

How do you control water problems when a log checks right through? Joe Pine Builders pride themselves in having the heart of the tree in the milled log, therefore the check can only travel as far as the heart and no further.

How do you address the shrinkage of their logs, and how much can I expect to see? Log shrinkage is controlled by a combination of the locking system, drying process and quality of their logs. An allowance of 3/4 inch is made above all windows and doors; this far exceeds expected shrinkage (given all construction directions are complied with).

I plan to have a contractor build my home to a weather tight finish then do the interior myself. How long can I expect the weather tight process to take? Generally speaking a contractor should have your home weather tight within 12 weeks.

I understand that there is more exterior maintenance required on a log home as opposed to a regular wood framed structure, is this true? Exterior maintenance will depend very much on the location and positioning of your home, however assuming you use one of the reputable products on the market, maintenance is no greater than a regular home. Your Joe Pine Builder dealer can advise on a selection of products available.

I love your solariums; can I add them to an existing home? Our solariums are designed to fit with either a new structure or added to existing homes.

You have some wonderful floor plans, however, none meet our requirements. You have some wonderful floor plans, however, none meet our requirements. Joe Pine Builders specializes through their experienced design team in customizing their packages whether it is developed from one of their existing floor plans or from your thoughts, sketches and dreams.

I live out of state so when I move to your area how do I find contractors and help to build my dream home? As a Dealer for Appalachian Log Structures, we have built up a network of contractors/subs and trade specialists to guide you through this process.

I have my land and house plans, can I get a Joe Pine Builders to fit that plan and location? As part of our responsibility as a Appalachian Log Structure Dealer we will conduct a site visit with you, offering advice on the style of home you may wish to consider. Utilizing your plans and thoughts Joe Pine Builders will provide you with a free custom quote for the home of your dreams.

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